Weeks 28-32 – Eboard

Week 28:

  • assemble, configure and test VESC
  • order parts from Botland (VESC heatsinks)
  • create Eboard v2 overview, units descriptions, tasks and functions in the system, general work plan
  • Rear Lights Driver (RLD):
    • block diagram, choose main parts
  • Power Distribution Board (PDB):
    • block diagram, choose main parts
    • select capacitors and connectors
    • board layout in AutoCAD, determine capacitors count
  • CAN Bus:
    • select CAN Transceiver from TME for CAN bus testing
  • order power wires (from Allegro)

Week 29:

  • order parts from TME (cases, parts for RLD and PDB)
  • order parts for second VESC
  • add heatsinks to built VESC, test drive
  • Data logging:
    • test serial data output from VESC (through serial terminal)
    • road tests with one VESC, see how temperatures change
  • DU:
    • create 3D model of selected case
    • download/create 3D model of VESC
  • RLD:
    • PCB layout

Week 30:

Nothing done 🙁

Week 31:

  • DU:
    • RLD: PCB layout, gerber files generation
    • PDB: schematic, PCB layout, gerber files generation

Week 32:


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