RLDAQ project update


Right now I’m working on Rocket Launcher Data Acquisition System. There are a few things left to do and the project will be fully finished. It has already undergone its first field test during CanSat competition and it has proven effective (well, there are a few things to correct, but nothing lethal).

The biggest issue was magnetometer not working due to its placement in main case with all the electronics nearby. It turned out that batteries influence magnetometer’s readings so much that it’s impossible to calibrate the offset/perturbations. The compass module had to be moved somewhere else. I had two options: launcher rail (accelerometer’s case) or weather station’s arm. I chose weather station as I was afraid that launcher rail may introduce magnetic field distortions (as batteries did).

Here’s a photo of 3D-printed case and render from Inventor:


I still have to print modified main case, build receiver module (‘prototype’ version was used so far) and the project will be done!

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