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Just a quick post with announcement about my website (that is – it’s finally online! It isn’t 100% ready – most projects lack description (actually, only digital thermometer is documented as of the moment), but I am planning to successively add documentation.

I hope you find new website interesting, in case you have any remarks or comments please let me know 🙂

2 thoughts on “New website”

  1. Hi Luke,

    Great work so far mate!

    I am looking forward to seeing some more details, you seem to be very electrically orientated which unsurprisingly I think is the key to a solidly designed electric mountain board.

    I would be interested to know; are you an electrical/electronics engineer by trade? I myself am a mechanical design engineer, and I’m now on my third revision of my board.

    My board worked for about 2 months, but then I burnt out a motor and ESC when off-roading. Mechanically I believe my board was ideal, but electrically not so much!

    If you are interested to discuss, I will share the details of my board with you, maybe we can help each other progress our designs!

    Contact me by email if you want to discuss.


    Mark Stevens

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