Life update

I haven’t posted anything here for a while. Initially I wanted to come up with some kind of excuse, like not having enough time. But actually I did have time, 24 hours per day, I just didn’t spend any of it on writing blog posts. Some of the time was wasted, some of it was spent on learning and doing stuff.
In the last few months I have worked pretty hard on electric mountainboard project ( Eboard is my bachelor’s thesis project so I had to finish it before mid January. The board now has two VESCs, uses CAN bus to send data¬†and I’m currently creating Android app to receive and log data received via Bluetooth. The app can also control rera lights of the board (brightness, blinking mode). I’ll update the description soon (hopefully).


Apart from that I got ‘promoted’ in Rocketry Division and now I’m the leader of electronics group. Currently we are working on two main projects: ‘Black Box’ and ‘Rocket head temperature measurement system’. More on that soon.

Additionally I’ve learnt a bit of LaTeX and now I’m creating bachelor’s thesis using it.

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