Working on Eboard again!

The exams are finished and all the study projects are done, so I can spend more time on my own creations. It’s high time I resumed my fantastic Eboard project. For the last 9 months the board was hidden under my desk, covered in dust. Not anymore!


I plan to us the Eboard project as my Bachelor’s Thesis. To do that I need to improve electronic systems on board. Right now they are a mess. Ugly protoboards, unreliable connectors, messy software, difficult debugging and so on.

The plan is as follows:

  • assemble the board in its current form to test drive system once again (and to ride it as soon as possible, who am I trying to cheat 😉 )
  • create solid overview of electrical and electronic systems. Decide what parameters should be measured, what should be displayed, what should be logged (and how) etc.
  • select microcontrollers. STM32s are on my mind, tied together with CAN interface…
  • electronics schematics, PCB design and manufacturing
  • port code to STM (if selected instead of AVRs), refactor it, add useful logging

I hope to have the project finished by the end of summer holidays (new term starts in October), but it’s difficult to make any estimates now. We’ll see.