Digital filter project finished


just a quick update post. Recently I’ve finished working on my microcontroller-base digital filter. Full description can be found on (in case you have any questions feel free to comment or write an email). Code is available on GitHub.

This project turned out really well – the Bode plots and step responses are really close to the simulations results. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw such a good correspondence 🙂

Now I move on to developing Rocket Launcher DAQ system. Cheers

2015 summary and plans for 2016

2015 has come to an end so it’s time for a small summary 🙂

Previous year “milestones” (major projects/ events/ skills etc.):

  • 3D printer purchase: this device improved my manufacturing capability. Great decision.
  • Electric mountainboard: this project took a lot of time and effort. I learned new things about designing electronics (power systems, embedded systems), mechanical design and manufacturing (3D printing).
  • First job: in the end of March I started working at Invenco as Embedded Systems Engineer. Good opportunity to gain experience.
  • Highest grade average for 2014/2015 academic year (among people on my year), Dean’s Scholarschip.
  • Starting this blog and personal website (

2015 was pretty fruitful for me, I hope that 2016 will be even better and I bet it will (provided no unexpected problems occur, eg. health issues) – my belief is that one’s life is dependent mainly on person’s actions and decisions.

My main goal for the next year is to be consistent and disciplined. Other goals that I want to achieve (thanks to the first one):

  • resume eboard project, hone the details and use it on daily basis
  • keep getting good grades at University
  • great summer – by going to some special place to gain even more experience and knowledge. I’ll keep that a secret for now. If everything goes allright there will be a post about it full of happiness 😀
  • switch from AVR architecture toward more advanced solutions (STM32, PIC32)
  • work: release project that we are currently working on
  • other projects: data acquisition system for Students Astronautical Association (Rocketry Section), AutoBlinds, DSP filter.
  • update website and blog regularly

I wish you all great 2016, cheers 🙂